was founded by Diane Shaw and registered in Guyana in 2011

We visit (primarily) indigenous communities across Guyana to speak to children and young adults on issues surrounding education and poverty. We have partnered with other organizations such as Food For the Poor to distribute household items and clothes, food, personal care items to these communities. Based on our assessment of the area we distribute what is most needed to aid in the short and long term growth of the community.

Shaliza Ali

My name is Shaliza Ali. I'm graduate student in Trinidad studying geology. I've been very fortunate to be able to study and pursue my career goals without hindrance. Many children aren't so lucky. On a missionary trip with Kids Joy to Apoera Suriname in 2017, I was blessed to help the Foundation provide children of all ages with books, and other school supplies that I have often taken for granted. I knew then that I wanted to continue working with Kids Joy. Former Prime Minister of Trinidad, Dr. Eric Williams once said, ``your future lies in your school bags`` and no child should be denied that future.