Events History
  • Our next distribution will take place in February 2017 . We will be going to Pomeroon. We have food items already but we still need children clothing.
  • Back to school meaning we supplied school bags, socks, exercise books, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, pencil case, lunch bags, crayons, coloring books, reading books AND teaching aids for teachers AND teachers also benefit from the clothes, food, personal care products and household products.
  • Contributors are: Mainly Food for the Poor, Massy, Silvies Variety Store, GBTI bank, Caribbean Container Inc, Seebarran & Co, Scott’s Jewellery, Giftland OfficeMax, Banks DIH, Gizmos & Gadgets, GT&T, California Stucco Guyana Inc, Shaw’s Investments.
  • Distributed food, clothes, personal care products and household products to women in Mashabo village – February
  • Distributed food, personal care products, household products, children school shoes and clothes to church in Brickdam Georgetown.
  • Distributed sewing machine to LBI Secondary School ECD and 2 sewing machines to 1 church in Haslington and 1 sewing machine to a single mother of 4 children in Georgetown – April 2016.
  • Taught VBS to children and shared out food, clothes, pampers, and personal care products to 1 church in July – Mabura
  • Back to school drive for 5 primary schools in August – Rupununi (including farming tools for farmers in the village).
  • Back to school drive for children in 1 church and shared out baby, children and youth clothes, bedsheets, curtains, personal care products (hand cream, shampoo, etc to Haslington ECD village – August
  • Back to school drive and distribution of clothes and food for 1 primary school in September – Moshabo
  • Shared out food (rice and beans) in October – Church in Georgetown
  • Shared out food and clothes to church Lilendaal Village in ECD – October
  • Shared out food and clothes to village of 50 persons in Haslington ECD – October
  • Shared out educational books and food supplies to church in Berbice – October.
  • Christmas party for school children in 1 primary school in December- Supenaam – goodie bags and toys.
  • Children and youth clothing and household items shared out in December – Supenaam
  • Clothing and school supplies distribution in March to 1 church – Mabura (first visit to Mabura).
  • Back to school drive for 1 church of 51 children in August – Haslington, ECD.
  • Shared out food items and clothing at Haslington East Coast Demerara – June,2015
  • Bought original text books for 5 secondary school children in August – Haslington, ECD (valued at 50,000.00)
  • Back to school drive for 1 primary school in August for 71 children – Moshabo
  • Shared out food, bedsheets, blankets, baby clothes, towels, clothes, shampoo, etc at Haslington ECD for community – December
  • Christmas Party for 80 children in Mabura – December

Distributed crayons to Blessed Day Care to children.


Back to school drive for children in Haslington ECD – August


Assisted 2 orphan children from Berbice – May,2012

  • Back to school drive to 20 children in Haslington, ECD – May 2011.
  • Distribution of school items for children – June,2011
  • Back to school drive Haslington, ECD – September,2011